harry styles crosses the state line. “idaho,” he reads. “no, you da ho,” he says to himself, laughing as he wonders what the fuck he’s doing in idaho

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"Is it true? Are you telling me that or am I supposed to tell you that? We are going to be doing each other’s songs [at iHeartRadio] so we’ll do all of hers songs and she’ll do all of our songs and we’ll see how everyone reacts"
- Chris Martin on if he and Taylor Swift are collaborating (x)

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Another video of Harry and Taylor

At 1:21, you can see Taylor trying to put Lux down and accidentally hitting Harry in the process. Harry was being all dramatic about it, bending in pain and what not, making Taylor all worried and flustered and grabbing his shirt to ask if he was alright. Its just so cute I can’t even

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haylor y are they so adorable dunno if anyone ever pointed this out